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Hi Folks,

So Biden has just been declared winner of the US Election and we are mighty relieved in this house. There has been enough madness this year without the Donald lowering the general tone.

Our year has been different like everyone else's and I'm certainly looking forward to seeing other faces rather than my nearest and notsodearest - only joking i think.

Work has been a godsend, steady and rewarding. I am thankful that I have a structure to my day, work to get on with and can happily do it from home.

Walking on the Curragh, Punchestown (or sometimes I sneak into Rathsallagh and skip around the Golf Course) gets us out and about.

Besides the websites, I have been doing some design work for Prendergast Leadership who are a wonderful team and have their work cut out trying to help businesses figure out this new way of remote working, keeping teams motivated and effective.

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